Twister LT-2AR

Twister LT-2AR
Price: $4,995.00
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  • 0 - 2600 RPM Speed Range.

  • 5-C Collet Closer

  • Foot Switch

  • 1/2 hp motor

  • 110 Volt Operation, 250 Volts AC Optional

  • Spindle max. TIR .0005”

  • Spindle through hole 1.100”

  • Spindle height 4.125”

  • Dimensions 24”W x 10”H x 18”D

  • Weight 79 pounds

  • “No Hesitation” Forward / Reverse Switching

  • Regenerative Speed Control.. Ultra Fast Speed and Direction Changes.

  • Low Voltage Switching for maximum reliability.

Warning to used Twister Buyers

All Twister models look the same, but older models that have no serial number, or are below SN 3000 have greatly reduced speed range, horsepower, and serviceability compared to the “R” model.

While the LT-2AR is sturdy and reliable, please keep in mind that it is a polishing lathe with an aluminum bed. It is designed for dry applications ONLY! Let your full size lathe perform heavy-duty, or precision machining, and use the Twister for those troublesome deburring and edge breaking chores!